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What You Do Shows Who You Are: The 6 Marks of a Disciple of Jesus

In this first book in the 6 Marks Book Series, Mike Falkenstine walks the reader through the 6 Key Marks of a Disciple of Jesus. Filled with great Biblical teaching and useful content to grow in Christ, this book is great for Sunday School classes or small groups. The 8 discussion questions at the end of every Chapter helps Christians to delve into each of the 6 Marks and help each other grow spiritually.

Keep Watch Over Souls: The 6 Marks of a Church that Makes Disciples

In this, the second book in the 6 Marks Book Series, Mike Falkenstine has written the volume to help Churches make disciples that make disciples. Becoming a church that is a disciple making church is hard and requires focus and dedication to the task. Falkenstine, in this volume written exclusively for pastors and church elders, walks them through 6 Key Marks of a Church that Makes Disciples. With 4 discussion questions at the end of every chapter, you can get your leadership team talking and brain storming toward being a church that makes disciples.

Being and Making Disciples in the Western Church: A First Steps Guide

In Acts 14, as Paul and Barnabas were planting the early churches, their concern was not be make converts, but to make disciples of Jesus. But in our Western Church today, we've largely gotten away from the command that Jesus gives us to 'Go and Make Disciples.' In this new book, Mike Falkenstine will walk you through the steps and stages of being disciples and making disciples in our churches today. Paperback editions are available on Amazon, and the ebook is available for free here!

Now You Can Make Disciples! A Step-By-Step Guide

In writing this book, Mike Falkenstine had two primary things in mind: First, he has a deep heart toward the commands of Jesus, one of which is to 'Go and make disciples.' Secondly, his eyes are always toward John 14, that as Christians, we show Jesus we love Him when we do what He commands. In this new volume, Falkenstine gives you everything you need to being making disciples and prepare yourself for the task. From the beginning steps of selection, the actual discipleship meetings and what they look like, to what content to cover, this really is a step-by-step guide.

Searching For A Biblical Church: A How-To Guide

Mike Falkenstine has a deep heart for the local church and for the Bible, the infallible and authoritative Word of God. In this new book resource, Falkenstine wants to help church leaders and congregation members ensure that their church is a biblical church based on the Bible’s inspiration. Biblical churches are important because they are more likely to help their congregation grow spiritually, and therefore, will have a church packed with fully devoted disciples of Jesus that are reaching the world for Christ. In this book resource, Falkenstine takes you through 6 characteristics of a biblical church, why they are important, what to look for to determine if your church meets a biblical standard in each category and what to do if they are not. Each chapter has guidelines on how to talk to church leaders about meeting the biblical standards (if they are not) and discerning how to encourage the church to be a biblical church in each category. Buy copies for each congregation member today!